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Upcoming Events

Religious Education Program


Contact Information

Pastor Fr. Siby Punnoose 712-730-6480
Director of Religious Ed Christy Funk 712-754-2739
St. Andrew's School Office 712-754-2739
St. Andrew's Church Office 712-754-2739


Class Schedule

K - 8th Gracdes 6:00 - 7:00 PM Wednesday Evening
Confirmation 7:00 - 8:00 PM Wednesday Evenings
Youth Group
As Scheduled

Religious Educaiton Board

The Religious Education Board of St. Andrew's Parish meets approximately once each month throughout the year to discuss policies, curriculum and help in planning upcoming religious education events. They also help with various religious education projects. Board members are happy to visit with those who have questions or concerns regarding the program.


Religious education board volunteers:


  • Christy Funk
  • David Jungers
  • Jeni Sarringar
  • Susan Truckenmiller
  • Fr. Siby Punnoose

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