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"Believe it or not, but prayer is a lot like greeting cards. In the Church tradition, there are five forms of prayer, or five primary reasons why people turn to God in prayer. They are actually very similar to some of the topics you find in greeting cards. And like the sections in a greeting card store, these forms serve to identify just about everything you'd ever want to communicate in prayer to God.


"The five primary reasons for praying are:

  1. to Bless God
  2. to petition God for forgiveness
  3. to intercede or to ask God for something on the behalf of others
  4. to thank God
  5. to praise God


"As you can see, we hold our focus on God whenever we pray in blessing, praise, or thanksgiving. What we want to communicate is how great we think God is and how grateful we are for all the things God continually does for us. Those are pretty good reasons for praying. That's why so many of the Church's official prayers tend to express praise and gratitude to God. In prayers of petition and intercession, we seek to tell God about the needs we have and to ask God for help, help for others and help for ourselves." --Excerpt from Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation?, BROWN-ROA, 1998


Prayer is an important part of our faith. It is included in each religious education class. Students experience a variety of ways to pray, including formal, memorized prayer, and informal, spontaneous prayer. Visit the Religious Education page for prayers taught in each grade.

Catholic Online has an extensive, searchable collection of prayers.

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