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Deacon Brian Feller, June 2014.

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St. Andrew Church

St. Andrews Catholic Church



St. Mary Church

St. Marys Catholic Church



Mass Times

Week of April 19, 2015

Date Time Place          Who
Monday, April 20

No Mass
Tuesday, April 21 8:00 am St.Andrew  Shirley Dickinson
Wednesday, April 22 8:00 am  St. Mary Harold Hatting
Thursday, April 23 8:00 am St. Andrew Laurence Johannes
Friday, April 24 8:45 am St. Patrick Edna Finn
Saturday, April 25 4:00 pm St. Patrick Rose Krabbenhoeft
Saturday, April 25 4:30 pm St. Mary Heather Krogman
Sunday, April 26 8:30 am St. Patrick Catherine Fischer
Sunday, April 26 10:30 am St. Andrew For the Parish
Sunday, April 26-Spanish 12:30 pm St. Patrick Frankl Family


DRE/Youth Minister


Administrative Assistant Deb Hatting

Administrative Assistant

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